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Quality policy

Wyda creates packaging with the same seriousness as those who produce packaged food.

Policy and quality

Wyda Embalagens

Promote continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, qualifying suppliers and employees, in order to ensure that all Wyda processes are safe and adequate to strict quality standards, in addition to making available a complete line of disposable films and packaging for food, to provide customer satisfaction meeting their needs and expectations.


Wyda Embalagens

The Wyda group has the latest transformation and quality control technologies, also valuing the administrative, human resources, customer relationship and sales sectors.

The entire process is monitored with raw material origin control and through the production, storage and distribution sectors. The Wyda product line is present throughout Brazil and in several countries abroad, as its operational infrastructure and production and distribution logistics ensure punctual supply.

Wyda: a primeira empresa de embalagens descartáveis de alumínio certificada pela ISO 9001:2015.

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification consolidates the quality and potential differential, guaranteeing the consumer a reliable system at all stages, which aims to meet the global market and its requirements.


Wyda Embalagens

The Wyda product line can be found all over Brazil and in several countries abroad, thanks to an operational infrastructure and agile and modern production and distribution logistics, which guarantee the punctual supply.


Wyda Embalagens

Wyda’s work philosophy: the customer comes first. In addition to the recognized quality of its product, the service is serious, cordial and committed to customer satisfaction.

Wyda puts at your disposal, all its experience of many years, offering a complete line of films and disposable food packaging, with the guarantee of providing an extremely reliable, hygienic product, as well as produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way.


Wyda Embalagens

Provide products and services that facilitate the Wyda of consumers with practicality, quality and sustainability, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, employees and suppliers.


Wyda Embalagens

Be essential in people’s lives and recognized worldwide.


Wyda Embalagens

Affection and Respect:
In relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and in the manufacture of our products and services.

With the brand, with society and with the company’s purpose.

In relationships, solutions and processes.

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