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Domestic Use - Aluminum


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When it comes to practicality in the kitchen, aluminum packaging is highlighted. Of different sizes and purposes, aluminum brings numerous advantages for those who want an organized kitchen.
Folha de alumínio Wyda com peixe e vegetais

Aluminum Sheets

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Wyda Aluminum Sheets withstand from high temperatures to extreme freezing. Indispensable item in the kitchen.

baking sheets

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Disposable baking trays in different sizes and shapes for food preparation, such as pieces of meat, poultry, fish, pies, among others.

Stove Protector

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It conserves the stove and keeps it clean, it is possible to leave the protector there for a few days, changing it when necessary.

Practical Wyda

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A set of disposable aluminum trays of the rectangular type, which ensure more safety, practicality and ease of transporting your food.

Serving Dish

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Baking pans of different sizes, the Wyda Tables are ideal for serving meals to guests. The table will look nice and tidy.

bake cake

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Baking pan. Available in a single size, but with all Wyda practicality and safety in disposable aluminum packaging.


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