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For those who work with food delivery for delivery, Wyda's Food Service Line is the best option. They are resistant aluminum trays that offer practicality and quality when preparing and delivering your food.


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It is a novelty that facilitates the visualization of the food that has been stored. The Food Service line features disposable aluminum packaging ideal for serving ready-to-eat foods and accommodating them in a presentable and easy-to-see way.


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Disposable, round baking dish with a hole in the middle, especially for round cakes. A line to value the time of retail professionals, which requires practicality.


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Aluminum packaging with clear PET lid. Special for English cake and super practical: prepare, take the gondola and serve. All this with a package!

Premium round

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Aluminum trays with a thickness of more than 100µm, impressive rigidity, with clip-on closure in a transparent lid in the “click” system.

Premium Rectangular

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Smoothwall are aluminum trays with a thickness greater than 100µm and support cooking for a longer period in a conventional oven, in addition to ensuring better cooking of the dishes, it also maintains the flavor, aroma and color of the food.


Wyda Embalagens
Bowls help when storing food or when you need a quick meal during your running routine. They are waterproof and can even be refrigerated and microwaved.


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