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Yes, aluminum packaging can be microwaved!

It is safe to place the Wyda aluminum containers in the microwave, it is enough that they are uncapped, and it is important that the size of the container is consistent with the amount of food in it, neither more nor less.

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Studies carried out by technology institutes and independent laboratories in the United States, Canada, England, Denmark, Switzerland and also in Brazil consider its use safe, within safety standards. Its use has already been tested in experimental kitchens around the world and certified as safe.

Aluminum and Microwave

Do not allow the aluminum to touch the walls of the appliance, keeping a minimum distance of 3 cm and remove the aluminum cover from the packaging before placing it in the oven.

It is important that it fills the entire contents of the package.

bright side

The glossy side of the sheet, due to its lower roughness (smoother), provides less adherence of food and substances on its surface, in addition to its higher heat reflectivity index, which can slightly increase the cooking time of the food. . But, the fact of using one side or the other in contact with food does not cause any harm in cooking or conservation.

Aluminum packaging is part of the consumer’s daily life, as well as the microwave, which made it more practical to defrost and heat food.

As good partners, aluminum packaging and the microwave oven can do a great job together.

It is even in this oven that the aluminum packaging shows its most interesting characteristics.

Aluminum reflects microwaves, so narrow strips of aluminum foil can be placed around the edges and more sensitive parts of the food (meat, fish, and poultry) to act as a shield to allow more even thawing and cooking.

Make sure the packaging has been placed properly and the oven is level. It should be right in the center of the turntable, avoiding contact of the package with the inner walls of the microwave oven.

When removing the aluminum packaging from the microwave, wear a protective glove, avoiding burns.

Remove the lid from the package before turning on the microwave.

Going straight to the microwave to defrost and heat, the food retains all its nutritional properties, as if it had just been prepared.

100% recyclable aluminum

Disposable aluminum packaging is versatile, practical and economical. Available in different sizes and formats, the packages meet the needs of food companies and consumers.

Aluminum differs from other packaging in that it is infinitely recyclable and sustainable.

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