Wyda aluminum packaging

Can be safely heated non-microwave.

“Friend of the Microwave” Seal

Wyda aluminum packaging will soon come with a “Friend of the microwave” seal that guarantees the consumer the use of Wyda packaging in the microwave to facilitate their daily lives.

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Wyda Aluminum and Microwave

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By following the steps in the video, you can microwave your Wyda aluminum packaging without a problem.

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A lot of people don't know, but Wyda aluminum cans can be safely microwaved.

Use the Micro-wavespan> is easy

See our tips to make using your microwave easier.


Important: Only take one package in the microwave at a time.


Remove the lid from the package when placing in the microwave.


The package must be completely filled with food.


Use the necessary time according to each food.


Make sure the packaging does not touch the microwave walls.


Carefully remove the heated package from the microwave and serve.

That simple

It's practical and safe. Try it!

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