Uso Doméstico – Não Alumínio

Domestic Use - Non-Aluminium


Products Wyda

Wyda Embalagens
In addition to the entire Wyda aluminum line, our portfolio also includes non-aluminum products, which are designed and produced to facilitate and organize the daily lives of Brazilians in the kitchen.

PVC / Gloves

Wyda Embalagens
PVC films are of excellent quality, produced with high technology and in different sizes.

bag everything

Wyda Embalagens
Multi-purpose plastic bags for arming various food types. They are super-resistant and ideal for any situation.

bake fast

Wyda Embalagens
Ideal for roasting meat, fish, vegetables and poultry quickly and conveniently, it leaves food evenly roasted.

Wyda Zip

Wyda Embalagens
Wyda Bag is a bag with high resistance, developed with high thickness LDPE plastic, totally reliable and its sealing is hermetic.


Wyda Embalagens
The Assalight Paper has several uses in food preparation: grilling, frying, cooking, greasing trays, protecting countertops, conventional oven and microwave.


Wyda Embalagens
Wyda produces innovative solutions that bring benefits in day-to-day preparations. Discover the products that offer convenience.


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