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Ideal for preparing food in a healthy way!


Grease trays


Protect bench


To grill



Know the product that will be indispensable in your kitchen!

Wyda innovates once again bringing to the Brazilian market “The evolution of paper”.  Assalight Paper has several uses in food preparation: grilling, frying, cooking, greasing trays, protecting countertops, conventional ovens and microwaves.

Individually presented in a cartridge with 3 meters by 30 cm in width, packed in shipping boxes with 20 units each.

This is not conventional butter paper, but a totally differentiated product, with premium quality, until then not available in the domestic market.

Widely used in the USA and Europe, Papel Assalight promises to be successful in Brazil. The great differentials are the excellent non-stick capacity and resistance to high temperatures.

Ideal for preparing food in a healthy way, without adding oil and also reducing the amount of crockery in the kitchens, because if you use it to line a container, just remove it and it will be free of dirt.

The novelty is now available for sales.

Papel assalight

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Remember: It is not conventional butter paper. It's Premium Paper!
Prepare your food

No dirt and no grease. 100% healthy!

Prepare seus alimentos

Sem sujeira e sem gordura. 100% saudável!

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