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Wyda Embalagens
Over the years, Wyda has acquired experience in the field in which it is dedicated and offers, in addition to a complete line of disposable food packaging, the guarantee of a hygienic and reliable product, committed to customer satisfaction. Resulting in responsible and solid growth.


Wyda company foundation, in the city of Sorocaba/SP

It expanded its aluminum transformation activities, with the company Alukenti, located in the greater Recife/PE and capable of supplying the demand in the North and Northeast.



The company Rio Prata started the production of disposable aluminum packaging, in the city of Três Lagoas/MS, strategically located to serve the Midwest market.

The Wyda group completes the construction of its own headquarters for the Alukenti company, with 5,365m2 of built-up area in São Lourenço da Mata/PE.



Production starts in South Africa, the industrial park will meet the demand for specific products from the African continent.

In July 2019, the Wyda group begins operations in Asunción, Paraguay, aiming to expand and improve service in Latin America.



Wyda Group

Wyda Embalagens
In recent years, with growing sales in its three national units, Wyda took off with the implementation of a plant in South Africa. Opening of a company in Asuncion, with the objective of expanding business in the country and in other neighbors, in addition to logistics for some states in Brazil.

Rio prata

located in Mato Grosso do Sul, in the city of Três Lagoas.


located in Pernambuco, in the city of São Lourenço da Mata.


Specialized in flexible packaging, located in São Paulo, in the city of Sorocaba.

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